¡MATERNITY IS THE BEST GIFT, for women, the family and society as a whole. That is why from Women of the World we want to give it the recognition it deserves at an international level through a Manifesto launched on the occasion of Mother's Day.

We are aware of the different obstacles faced by women in the world due to the fact of being mothers: from situations such as the loss of professional, economic and social status if they choose to dedicate themselves to the family, whether partially or exclusively, temporarily or permanently; without forgetting that it is the main cause of female labor discrimination, even maternal mobbing for being pregnant and/or having children; to circumstances as serious as being forced, rented or bought and sold, and even the cause of illness or death.

The Manifesto is seeking signatures from civil society organizations at the global level to commit them to invite their corresponding States to sign the Geneva Consensus Declaration, which promotes the integral health of women and defends their authentic dignity. It is also open to individual signatories.

On the other hand, to spread the beauty and joy of motherhood, we have developed a video accompanied by an audiovisual campaign through social networks with simple messages about: #SerMadreEs... what does it mean to you?

You can watch the video on our YouTube channel:

Manifesto Motherhood is the Best Gift ESP NGOs

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