The 8M has no meaning if women's dignity is not at the center of the demands.

That is why we are devoting special attention these days to surrogacy, a form of exploitation of women and objectification of the person.

We share a video we made some time ago in which we tell you about the seriousness of the exploitation suffered by women in surrogacy and how mothers and babies are turned into objects to be bought and sold.

Despite the seriousness of the issue, many countries or cities in the world continue to try to legalize this practice, with the justification of a misunderstood freedom, which in most cases only pursues economic interests. This is the case of the Congress of Mexico City, where legislators from different political parties recently presented an initiative to allow surrogacy and even intend to promote the City internationally as an ideal destination for surrogacy.

In Women of the World, we reiterate that "surrogacy is incompatible with the dignity of the women and children involved and a violation of their fundamental rights". (Council of Europe).

We also invite you to read and share the report "Surrogacy, a new form of exploitation of women and human trafficking". In this report you will see the psychological, medical and social damage caused by surrogacy: children are turned into a commercial product with quality control; surrogate mothers become a disposable product; and in many countries surrogacy is invariably linked to prostitution networks.

In addition, this practice contradicts a number of international norms and provisions, especially those related to human dignity, adoption, protection of women and children, and human trafficking.

Here you can read the report:

Surrogacy should be a practice prohibited in international instruments and seen for what it is, a practice that violates human rights.

It is necessary that the competent international institutions impose a universal ban on surrogate motherhood, because it poses a real risk of exploitation and human trafficking, and because it is an attack on human dignity by turning women and children into commercial products.