Pornography, this macabre industry, denigrates women at its highest level.

Pornography is an industry that seriously undermines the dignity of those who engage in it, since each becomes for another the object of rudimentary pleasure and illicit profit.

Pornography can not only normalize the abuse of victims, but it can also normalize sexual abuse in the minds of pornography consumers. When consumers develop a pattern of reification and dehumanizationseeing others as objects to useIt may also become easier to commit violence against them.

It's not an issue of consent because in the porn industry, there is virtually no way to guarantee that any piece of pornographic content is actually consensual, ethical or even legal. Defending pornography is not a matter of taste or freedomis to defend an industry that makes money from suffering and humiliation.

As long as there is a demand for pornography, especially extreme, abusive or degrading pornography, the pornography industry will continue to exploit vulnerable people to meet that demand.

The civilian authorities have the enormous responsibility to prevent the production and distribution of pornographic material This is why we demand a strong control and laws that regulate and prevent this practice.