We present our Institutional Statement on the occasion of 8M 2022

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The 8M has no meaning if women's dignity is not at the center of the demands.

Therefore, this 8M we want to raise our voices about practices that objectify women, and that are tragically intertwined:

1.- Surrogacy

This increasingly widespread and accepted practice means that surrogate mothers become a disposable product and children are turned into a commercial product with quality control.

In addition, this practice contradicts a number of international norms and provisions, especially those related to human dignity, adoption, protection of women and children, and human trafficking.

The practice of surrogacy is invariably linked to prostitution and trafficking networks.

Prostitution and human trafficking

The first objective is to eradicate the mentality of the use of the human person. Women and girls, who account for more than 75% of sex trafficking, must stop being seen as an object. As long as the pornography industry, prostitution (not just illegal prostitution) and the objectification of women in the media continue, there will continue to be a client who buys these "services."

Sexual exploitation is the one that generates the largest number of victims and a billionaire illegal business in constant increase. Terrible figures that cannot be understood without the consumer of pornography and prostitution entering into the equation.

3.- Pornography

Pornography is the breeding ground in which other forms of exploitation and denigration of women and girls develop.

It is not a minor issue, nor is it a matter of personal freedom since it is the beginning of objectification, generates addiction, creates patterns of violent behavior in sexual relationships and destroys people's self-esteem.

It is an industry that profits from suffering and humiliation and is the gateway to the rape of women and girls increasingly exposed with new technologies.


From Women of the World we demand from our authorities a greater institutional, budgetary and cooperation commitment with public and private organizations of the civil society to eradicate the practices that commercialize women, denigrate and enslave them.

And we call on the general public to eradicate the mentality of the use and objectification of the human person, for which we will do our part with resources and dedication. the dignity of women is the raison d'être of our platform.


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