Any form of slavery is despicable, but it is alarming that the pornography and the prostitution generate more victims and an ever-growing illegal business worth billions. Lprostitution is and has been an attack on women since time immemorial.But hypersexualization, omnipresent in our times, exponentially feeds the demand for this practice that objectifies people, and the trafficking mafia is there to satisfy it.

We insist, once again, that the 8M has no meaning if the dignity of women is not at the center of the demands and therefore, today more than ever we have to raise our voices to stop these acts of violence and denigration of women. we demand from our authorities a greater institutional and budgetary commitment and cooperation with public and private organizations of civil society to eradicate slavery in all its forms, not only with zealous enforcement of the law against the sale and purchase of persons, but also in addressing situations of vulnerability and high risk.

Women and girls must stop being seen as an object. As long as the pornography industry, prostitution (not only illegal prostitution) and the objectification of women in the media continue, there will continue to be a client who buys these "services" by staining himself with the physical or psychological death of millions of innocent people.

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