Ask the UN to revoke the title of Wonder Woman and give it to Spider Woman: woman, mother, and heroine

The UN has named the comic book character Wonder Woman as its honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls.

Can the UN really not find an image of a real woman who?s a hero? Is it that they don?t know what it is to be a mother, wife, and worker at the same time? These are the true heros, the true wonder women, the real women, like you and like me, like all of us, who laugh and cry every day, who grow tired aligning schedules and bending over backwards to make it to everything, who laugh with their kinds, who cry over not having anything to feed them, who cook while helping the oldest child study, who walk kilometers to find clean water for their kinds? #motherandheroine

Is it that the appropriate image of a woman must be sexually attractive and teach that as the ideal? What are we doing? What do we want to transmit to our youth? What image of a woman is it that we want representing women?

And if they wanted a comic book hero, not a concrete person, why didn?t they choose Spider Woman? Woman and mother and hero who makes her motherhood compatible with her fight against crime.

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The naming has already caused a big stir within the UN. More than 1000 workers have signed a petition against this farfetched idea. And at Women of the World we want to give a voice to the anonymous women in the whole world. Those of us who don?t feel represented by Wonder Woman, and all who want maternity to be part of the image of women. So, act and join our petition. So that the UN revokes the title of Wonder Woman and gives it to Spider Woman: woman, mother, and heroine. And, please, make sure to share it with your contacts through social media, using the hashtag #Motherandheroine so we can reach all women. We need your help. Sign and share! Thanks!
1,544 signatures = 154% of goal

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