May 29, 2022

IV Transatlantic Summit in Budapest

Our platform had the honor of participating in the Transatlantic Summit IV of the Political Network for Values, which brought together politicians from 30 countries in Budapest on May 25, 26 and 27. This summit is always a milestone for collaboration and policy-making in the field of political [...]

March 6, 2022


We present our institutional Declaration on the occasion of 8M 2022 You can support and join this declaration by signing here: DECLARATION 8M 2022 - WOMEN ARE NOT FOR SALE 8M makes no sense if the dignity of women is not at the center of the demands. For this reason, this 8M we want to raise [...]

March 6, 2022

8M: Pornography

Pornography, this macabre industry, denigrates women at the highest level. Pornography is an industry that seriously undermines the dignity of those who engage in it, for each becomes for another the object of rudimentary pleasure and illicit profit. Pornography can not only normalize the [...]

March 5, 2022

8M: Prostitution and trafficking in women

Any form of slavery is despicable, but it is alarming that pornography and prostitution generate more victims and a billionaire illegal business in constant increase. Prostitution is and has been an attack on women since time immemorial, but hypersexualization, omnipresent in our time, exponentially fuels the demand for prostitution and pornography.

February 25, 2022

8-M | Surrogacy

The 8M does not make sense if the dignity of women is not at the center of the demands. That is why we dedicate special attention these days to surrogacy, a form of exploitation of women and objectification of the person. We share a video that we made some time ago in which [...]