We invite you to become engaged as a citizen and to join the petition to the candidates for the 2021 Argentinean elections to include in their programs 10 concrete policy proposals to support women and motherhood.

With your signature you will not only be defending motherhood, but you will also be asking all Argentine politicians and candidates to commit to the fulfillment of these proposals.



Mr. candidates for the 2021 elections, I ask you to include these proposals in your program:

1.- Flexibility of actual working hours and promotion of intensive working hours.

2.- Promotion of work from home.

3.- To have 24 hours a year for family matters without justification.

4.- Support for part-time and short-time hiring.

5.- Extension of maternity leave to six months.

The defense and protection of women against any proven discriminatory gesture or harassment of any kind because of their maternity.

7.- The creation of a registry of persons with exclusive dedication to the family and dependent persons.

Universal abolition of surrogate motherhood.

9.- Perinatal identity and the existence of informed consent for women who have suffered a miscarriage.

10.- The agility in the adoption procedures.

Because the role of women and motherhood must regain its rightful place as a social and human good.

Because motherhood should be worthy of all consideration, respect and a source of personal fulfillment and development.

Because in no way can they be denigrated, discriminated against or objectified.

Candidates for the 2021 elections: include these 10 concrete policy proposals to support women and motherhood

674 signatures = 22% of goal