Worldwide Declaration of Mothers

Worldwide Declaration of Mothers

  1. Mothers are the heart and nurturing force of the family and society. Mothers provide the empathy, tenderness, and resilience that a thriving society demands. By giving life, and nurturing their children, mothers, in cooperation with fathers, become the strength and the sustaining force of humanity. Mothers and fathers each play vital roles in all societies.

  2. Society needs stable families in order to produce secure and happy children. Children who are raised by dedicated mothers in a stable familial environment benefit all of society.

  3. Motherhood is one of the most important, rewarding, and exciting occupations a woman can engage in, yet motherhood is vastly underestimated, belittled, and even disregarded in today's world. Society often discriminates against motherhood by ignoring and rejecting its intrinsic value and irreplaceable influence in creating and sustaining prosperous societies.

  4. Women in the labour market often experience discrimination for choosing motherhood. Mothers deserve equal opportunity, consideration, and respect in employment.

  5. Motherhood greatly benefits women. Along with a chance to experience multiple leadership, communication, and life skills, it affords an essential feeling of completeness that women need. A woman’s identity is enhanced when she becomes a mother.

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I. Mothers and their children need to be respected and honored as important members of society. II. Motherhood and familial dedication demand and deserve social and political recognition. III. Full dedication to the family must stop being disregarded, and used as a reason to condemn mothers into social depravity.
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