World Declaration of Mothers

"Women play a decisive role in the family. The family is the basic nucleus of society and as such should be strengthened (...) Women make a great contribution to the well-being of the family and to the development of society, the importance of which is not yet fully recognized and considered." (Beijing Platform 1995, chapter II, paragraph 2).

 1. Mothers are the heart and livelihood of the family and society. Mothers bring to their children the care, tenderness, understanding and empathy that a society needs to progress in humanity. The fact of giving life, sustaining and nurturing their children makes mothers, in collaboration with fathers, the strength and sustenance of humanity. Mothers and fathers each play a fundamental role in society. 

2. Society needs stable families that allow their children to grow up happy and self-confident.. Society as a whole benefits when children grow up in a stable family environment, with mothers dedicated to their upbringing and education.

3. Motherhood and dedication to the family is one of the most important and rewarding jobs and for a woman and beneficial to society.. Yet it is undervalued in today's world. By ignoring or undervaluing motherhood and women's dedication to the family, we make it difficult to build sustainable societies.

4. Too often, women are discriminated against in the labour market because they are mothers or want to be mothers.. Mothers must have equal opportunities, consideration and respect in the world of work. 

5. Motherhood and dedication to the family are also a benefit for the women themselves. They bring her personal fulfillment and fulfillment, strengthening her feminine identity. In addition, they provide her with other opportunities for human development and learning leadership, communication and management skills. 

 Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. (...)" Article 25.2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Thus:

 I. Mothers and their children must be respected and considered as important members of society.

 II. Maternity and dedication to the family require and deserve social and political recognition. 

II. Exclusive dedication to the family can no longer be ignored. and, even less, be considered a reason to condemn mothers to social death. 

 "The family is the basic unit of society" (Beijing Platform 1995). and motherhood is the heart of the family. Therefore, motherhood is at the heart of the family. mothers must be respected in politics, in society and at home.




Worldwide Declaration of Mothers

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