\Introduce me to the woman who, being perfectly educated, decided to have 7, 8 or 9 children.\" (Emmanuel Macron, President of France, Sept 2018).

From Women of the World Platform we are going to do itDo not worry, Mr Macron.

We are going to bring him the letter written by Leonor Tamayo, our coordinator, founder of the Platform, president also of Professionals for Ethics, writer, graduate in English Philology and, surprisingly for Mr. Macron, mother of 10 children. 

But we believe that this letter reflects the feelings of a large part of society.beyond the personal tinge it has. We are many men and women of all ages those of us who feel in line with the words of Leonor Tamayo and we would like to join your letter.

This is why we are making it public before delivering it to France, in order to all those of you who wish to join us can do so. All you have to do is fill in the form and in a few days we will send the letter with all the endorsements to the President of France, Mr. Emmanuel Macron.

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Dear Mr Macron, 

With all due respect, I am afraid you have skated to infinity and back. In these cases, the best thing to do is to accept it, apologize and, to top it off, receive at the Elysée several of these women whom you have offended gratuitously -and I suppose out of sheer ignorance or simplicity-, listen to them .... and learn.

And it is not only that with his famous phrase he accuses mothers of very large families of being uneducated and uneducated, but he also demonstrates his own social and family ignorance. Something that I find quite worrying in someone who governs a country.

The truth is that I don't even understand his reasoning. I don't understand the supposed non-relation between studies and large families. I don't understand why having studies seems incompatible with having 7, 8 or 9 children (or 10 as in my case), I don't understand why having such a large family is an obvious sign of low culture.

Is it because it considers children to be a problem for women's development?

Well, look, Mr. Macron, the reality is that motherhood is a springboard for the human development of any woman. The ability to manage time, people and crises, self-control, resource management are qualities that are learned almost naturally. And personal capacities are also multiplied: listening skills, empathy, serenity, fortitude... And in the case of a mother of a very large family, all this is multiplied in direct relation to the number of children. When a woman has children, she projects her capacity to limits previously unknown to her. And, if she also has many children, even more in my favor.

That's why all this fuss has been made, Mr. Macron, because not only do your words offend but they also expose your ignorance and, perhaps, your political ability.

I studied my university degree, took two doctoral courses and started my doctoral thesis. I left everything to devote myself to my family. And it is precisely at home, with my husband and my 10 children where I have developed as a great professional in my field: trainer and educator for children and young people, family manager and consultant, writer and active citizen in society and national and international politics. Without them I would not have made it. They are my true doctorate.

Do not tell me that either I have no education or I have no intellectual capacity.... and understand that it is yours that has been called into question.

I would try to remedy it, what can I say.

Sincerely yours, 

Leonor Tamayo


Open Letter to President Macron

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