Because Motherhood is the best gift!

This year to celebrate Mother's Day, from the Women of the World platform we wanted to demand the recognition that motherhood deserves at an international level, and that is why we launched a manifesto that we ask you to sign:

Women of the World Platform and the undersigned persons declare that: 

1.- Motherhood is the best gift not only for a woman and her family but for the whole of society, which should rejoice in motherhood, respect it, support it and celebrate it. Motherhood is a social good that must be protected. 

Motherhood is a plus in the personal and professional development of women. 

3.- Attachment parenting strengthens the relationship between mother and child, helping the emotional stability of both. The exclusive dedication - temporary or permanent - to the family, favors the development of the children and the family stability so necessary for a prosperous society, and cannot continue to be undervalued. 

Motherhood should always be a source of joy for the family, even in adverse circumstances, and for this it should have the necessary social and political support. "Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance" (General Assembly of the United Nations. (Universal Declaration of Human Rights" (217A [III], Article 25[2]). 

5.- Motherhood is the best gift and it should be so for all women throughout the world and in all circumstances. That is why the necessary social, economic and political means must be put in place to achieve that 

✓ Maternity is not a reason for employment discrimination. 

Maternity and dedication to the family does not imply discrimination or loss of social recognition. 

✓ Is not a cause of sickness or death. 

✓ Do not entail a curb in professional life or reduction in salary, if it is not by choice to reduce working hours. 

✓ Is not forced or a reason for effective loss of liberty within the family environment. 

✓ Do not be rented or bought and sold.

This manifesto has already been signed by 50 associations from more than 25 different countries and accompanies a report in which we explain how motherhood is not only undervalued in the West, but is often under attack. So, if you believe that motherhood is the best gift for women, the family, and society as a whole, be sure to sign our manifesto.

With your signature you will not only be defending motherhood, but you will also be asking your state representatives to commit to signing the Geneva Consensus Declaration. This declaration, which has already been signed by 35 nations, promotes the integral health of women and defends their true dignity. 


Sign our Mother's Month manifesto and ask your representatives to stand up for Motherhood

2,090 signatures = 70% of goal