Upon the death of an unborn child, as part of the bereavement support protocol, we ask that parents be given full information on the treatment of the body, burial options and that bodies NOT be collected in the same containers as surgical remains.

Currently the baby's body is collected in containers along with other surgical remains and no information is given to the parents regarding what will happen to their child's body or the legal options for burial. 

Numerous studies emphasize the importance, both anthropologically and psychologically, of the funeral rite in the process of accepting a loss; it is also fair and necessary for parents to have all the information about the options that exist for burial.

Therefore, we ask:

  1. Hospital protocols that inform the mother in detail before performing the curettage, so that she can freely decide the treatment of the fetal remains of her child (taking charge of the body through a funeral home or the hospital in the usual procedure).
  2. That the bodies of infants, regardless of gestational age and weight, be collected in different containers than surgical remains.
  3. That the funeral companies inform the parents of when the cremation of the container will take place so that they may attend, if they so desire.

In the event of the death of an unborn child

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